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Why Environmentally Friendly Hotels

Environmentally friendly hotels not only save money for the owner/manager, but also resources for the world, while at the same time letting their guests continue doing good things for the environment. Many guests will be attracted to the green hotel just because it is taking environmentally friendly steps. Whether it's water or energy conservation, recycling, or reducing the consumption of natural resources through bulk amenities and newspaper programs, a positive impact can be made through simple steps.



Please read about our eco-friendly service we provide already:

     Dear guest help us to reduce, reuse, recycle!

Towel Program  
Sheet Program  
Cotton Towels/Sheets  
Alternative Energy  
Maintenance for Conservation  
Energy Conservation  

 Energy saving bulbs  

Bulk Soap & Amenities  
Glass instead of plastic glasses in the bathrooms 
Ceramic mugs instead of Styrofoam cups for coffee in the rooms  

 Newspaper Program

Organic Food Served  
Eco-friendly Food Served  
Promote "greenness" in PR  
Educate Guests to "green"  
Educate Staff to "green"  
Participate in Green Program(s)  
Fresh Air  
Our motel is completely Non-Smoking  
Environmental Cleaning  

 Non-Smoking Rooms  

Water Conservation  
Xeric Garden  
Gray-Water Recycling  

 Pets designated rooms only  

Recyclable Disposables  
Compostable Disposables  
Durable Service Items  
Guestroom Recycling Bins  
Hotel Recycling Bins  
Donating to Charity  
Conference Center/Rooms  
Fitness Center  

People who consider themselves very "environmentally aware" take special care to at least conserve water and energy, and to recycle. But when they travel, many of these same people either leave their environmentalism at home or figure they just have to put up with extreme waste in hotels. It doesn't have to be that way. I challenge you to take your environmental action on the road with you, and to not accept hotel waste anymore.

It's getting easier to support environmental practices when you travel, but not all hotels haven't caught on or are not up-to-speed yet. Be sure to first look for "green" hotels for your lodging options. Participate in any "green practices", like towel and sheet reuse programs, recycling, and energy conservation (turning your lights and TV off when you aren't in the room), that the hotel offers. Be as conserving on the road as you are at home.

There are numerous names for green lodging, including green hotels, ecolodges, and sustainable tourism (conserving both the environment and the culture or social aspects of an area, having a low impact on both). The best place to start your green hotel research is online, starting with the website Environmentally Friendly Hotels, and then using the search engines, where the best term to use is "environmentally friendly hotels". Don't let the various terms confuse you or put you off, because people have different focuses in their environmental actions, and the name often reflects the focus of each specific hotel. The bottom line is the same, though: these properties are interested in preserving their environment, both social and natural.

Green Seal, an organization that certifies the environmental practices of a variety of businesses, conducted a survey a few years ago and found an average 150-room hotel consumes in one week as much as 100 4-person households do in one year. That's a lot of consumption and waste! Some of the reasons that go into the increased consumption are:
* houses are "off" during the night and sometimes during large portions of the day while hotels are "on" 24/7, with lights, climate control, etc.
* people in households are aware of the cost of rampant water and energy use, so do some self-monitoring and conserving, while people often don't worry so much about resource consumption when they are at hotels
* soap, shampoo, lotion, and food items can be reused by the family until they are consumed, while hotels have a one-use policy (for which you are grateful)
* houses often are sized to fit the number of regular inhabitants while hotels are sized to fit more than the number of regular inhabitants, causing unused space to be built and heated/cooled

The problem with hotels' approaches to resource consumption is that thinking tends to go no further than "today". While guests (like you) are being pampered or taken care of, precious, non-renewable resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. That consumption not only impacts the quality of the air you breathe and the water you drink today, it also takes resources from the future. What does that mean for the future of our children?

Our Thanks to Kit Cassingham for this very well written statement about Hotels/Motels and our part in an environmental friendlier future!

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